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that works for you. now, abc 2news at 11. >> the rain has started. will it last in to the morning? we will have the answer. >> it's not normal to see -- come out and grab them, body slam them onto neck. > >> that's what witnesses say police did to a man. the watch party for the ravens game that's helping a neighborhood heal. and a new treatment that could help in the battle against colon cancer. the news starts right now. if you are outside you know it was sunny, then cloudy, maybe a little rain but look at this shot from morgantown. this is the weather that's heading our way right now. mike outside in the elements. got -- a check from jamie and he said you nailed the forecast not that it was good but that
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you nailed it. >> a forecast i wish i was wrong on and the rain started about an hour ago. its been a moderate rain and we had a little severe weather south of town. severe storm watch that was up for howard. that's been discontinued. that's the good news. . you can see lightning tracker showing the -- the lightning up toward the north, lightning to the south and that will be the deal to the course of the evening. i think the severe weather threat has shifted so. moderate rain will be in the offing into tomorrow. future scan, showing the bands of rain showers through during the course of the evening. when i come back we will look at the radar. the end of the rain, we have
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that seven day forecast going in to the weekend coming up. >> thank you. tonight new questions about what happened in east baltimore. we know that a man confronted by police ended up dead and investigators are still trying to put together what happened. we have more on that story. >> reporter: anthony anderson was walking home when he came into contact with several police officers. the first report police gave after his death was that he died because he was trying to hide drugs by taking them. now police have admitted that's not true and people who say they saw it tell a much different story. a cross with a balloon and a couple of flowers sitting in the middle of the lot in east baltimore. this where anthony anderson died. >> everybody around the neighborhood like him. he not a trouble guy, come through, car and girlfriend. community guy. >> reporter: friday afternoon
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he was leaving baron middle street, walking across the lot when he was confronted by police. there is no word on what led up to the confrontation but witnesses say. >> grabbed, put his arms to the side and he came up, and slammed him on his neck. collarbone like. hit that man up . [inaudible] they -- put the man up. >> reporter: anderson didn't live. police first said he tried to ingest drugs but an autopsy found that's not true. >> didn't swallow nothing. >> reporter: now police will only sate circumstances remain under investigation. >> hope they fess up and let them know who, what police had beat on this man. all of them not going to fess up and say this one didt. >> reporter: people say they don't believe the officers meant to kill him but all of them say that they have had to deal with over zealous officers in the past. >> hopefully, actually death
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you know -- even though it's tragic maybe we can get something positive in the neighborhood because this is not first time that the police have done this. >> reporter: there will be a viewing for him tomorrow. abc 2news. >> thank you. we have new developments in the double shooting we told you about last night. there is a suspect in custody, for shooting a 4-year-old boy and his mother. it happened around 9:30 last night. the suspect a 26-year-old is in jail and is the father of the little boy and boyfriend of the boy's mother. the child was shot in the hip and his mother in the torso. the shooting just the latest a series of concerns for residents at the community meeting tonight politicians addressed neighbors of concerns of crime and safety. >> it's disturbing.
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it was domestic but it's a neighborhood that's like a family so that's very important to us. >> reporter: no details have been released about the seriousness of the injuries. udate to breaking news from last night. the fire out at the bradley on the bay condos. the future of the building is unclear. there is heavy, fire, smoke and water damage to the three story condo building. minor damage to the next door building. 100 firefighters fought the flames, one firefighter was hurt with a slight burn to his ear. much of the focus on tonight's ravens game was onto return of the referees. a few miles count road it was about coming together after a huge loss. dozens came together to watch the game on a big screen tv near belaire road and chesterfield. with in the past two weeks this community has seen two murders.
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organizers say they won't let criminals take away from them. >> we picked this location due to the act of violence with in the last couple weeks just as a way to show that the neighbors aren't scared. >> peter marvin was killed last week after returning from choir, police believe he was a victim of a robbery. you may have caught some of the ravens playing the browns tonight. the story wasn't what you saw, but more like who you didn't see. for the first three weeks of the season replacement referees were up front and center. tonight we got the real ones back. they were welcomed at the stadium with a standing ovation. late last night a deal was finalized between the referees and nfl. so was the seattle hail mary the reason? >> i believe we would have reached an agreement this week
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regardless of monday or sunday or anything. everybody was to the point of getting it done. >> the eight year deal provides for a pay bump, protection of pensions for five- years and allows the nfl to hire for referees for training. . how do you think the official referees did? were there any calls you thought were questionable in you can leave the thoughts on the facebook page. it was about more than just football tonight. the ravens were looking out for their fans health too. the team had free cancer screenings. during the game the team aired a psa featuring local fan who had been impacted. the team honored several people impacted by skin cancer including the family of wayne, they say that the ravens were a
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part of their family and it's a fitting way to honor man they loved. >> i miss him every day. not a day goes by where i don't think about him but he is in my heart. i see my kids and -- both kids are a piece of him. i see that every day. >> cameron found out he had skin cancer because of early detection. you can log on to the website, click onto story in the health beat section on the home page and nd if you need to make an aappointment with your doctor. good news, a story we have been following closely. we have just learned mango the cute stolen puppy has been returned. the 7 week old puppy was taken in the animal resource foundation on kent island and was returned tonight to the
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foundation. back home with his mom. a famous star's autograph is usually worth a couple hundred dollars unless that star has died at which point the value spikes. one of those autographs can now be worth more than $10,000. john shows us the treasure some families sitting on so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: when a famous person pass away the vial of their autograph goes up. the value of neil armstrong's autograph is shooting the moon. vincent has something any fan of space flight would love, a neil armstrong autograph. made out personally to his mother. >> it says happy mother's day, neil armstrong. >> that's one small step for man,. >> reporter: his dad worked the first man to walk on the moon
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in the 70s and asked him teosinte note. it was unusual because he rarely signed anything making his name very valuable. >> he was -- the most valuable, living signature in the united states. >> reporter: expert steve walter said the name is worth more than almost anyone's in the past 30 years. >> the next highest is probably like paul mcarthy. >> reporter: he is asking 2400 for this autograph. it's worth a bit less. on e-bay some are asking $14,000 oro more. walter cautionswall. >> hundreds of years from now john i think people are going to look back and look at him in the same light as they do christopher columbus. >> reporter: that's fine for vincent who said no matter what it's worth it's not for sale.
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>> we don't want to sale. >> reporter: if you want to buy some it may pay to wait a few months and if you have something from him, consider yourself very lucky because very few other people have anything from him. as always, don't waste your money. >> getting behind the wheel may be getting more dangerous because of driver distraction. the department of transportation said traffic deaths are up 9% in the first six months, that's the largest increase in six months since 1975. aaa said governments waiting to make road repairs could be a factor. if your child is grown out of their safety seats, changes are coming next month that could have you putting them back in the seat. in october a state law goes into effect that changes the
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rules, instead of a weight threshold children younger than eight will have to be at least 4-foot 9. so for help on making sure that seat is installed properly you can call 1-800-370- seat. we want to make sure you are getting to where you need to go with time safer traffic. lauren cook has a look at place that could give you trouble tomorrow morning. >> reporter: the abc2 time safer traffic. there is construction underway on 795, one northbound lane will be shut down at the beltway through 5:00 tomorrow morning. if you are traveling in east baltimore repairs continue on that massive sink hole, east monument street will be closed all the way through the middle of october. until then you will want to use earls street. i will track the details tomorrow on good morning
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maryland starting at 4:30. >> coming up if you are looking for a job you know the market is tough and it's important to kind of make yourself stand out. . >> she is on a mission to get a job. how she is turning her disability into an asset. >> it's quite the lightning show if are you looking toward the north, northern carroll. thunderstorm watches down to the south. let's get rid of this rain. let's talk about wind coming up. >> and colon cancer patients could soon have another chance of recovery. we will explain. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the...
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number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. . a new twist to a story we first told you about earlier this month. we have all been to flea markets. a woman bought a painting from
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one for about seven dollars. it is now believed to be the work of a famous artist. she planned to have it auctioned when a reporter found it may have been stolen from six decades ago from the baltimore museum of art. the fbi is investigating. in health news, there are new treatments for people fighting late stage colon cancer. today the fda approved a drug, billed as a treatment for patients with coo lon cancer who have exhausted every other treatment. it's on the government fast track program, that is fast era proval process used for medications that work significantly better than anything currently available. the downside there are a lot of side effects, patients will have to deal with. you should talk to your doctor if it's something you want to try. if you are look for a job do you feel like all the odds are against you? we are going to introduce you to a woman in the very same
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situation. her job search has become a viral source of inspiration >> i decided to do a poster and a mail out. >> reporter: tisha neddies job. she has been looking since june. >> it's hard. >> reporter: she has a degree but it's what she doesn't have she feared would trouble employers. she has no arms. she looked for advice and was told networking a key. she decided to tackle it head on. >> hi. this is tisha. here to answer all your questions about not having arms. >> reporter: she wanted to show all she can do from make age sandwhich to eating sushi to even driving her car, yes, driving her car. >> if i interviewed they will look at me like she is disabled, we have to worry about this, how will she do that? i just wanted to ease their
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mind and be like i can do anything you can do. >> reporter: a funny thing happened with the page. it went nowhere with the job market. >> and it went viral really fast. >> reporter: a series of videos designed to show her daily life it created inspirations, the videos have been viewed more than a million times. >> teachers, physical therapists, ot's, full contact -- like we have this 4-year-old who was born without arms and don't know how to deal with her, how to teach her. here. >> reporter: how does she take it? >> my mom is amazing. i give her all props for raising me properly and telling me that there is nothing i can't do >> that was george reporting. he said that despite motivation that she shares with others she still said that graphic design is still her first love and she
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is looking for a job in that field. >> now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> let's get into it. i want to show you cool shots out toward the west. showed you -- this is a frost bug shot. i want to show you morgantown shot. the top of the broadcast. look at these big storms through the mountains. this was earlier this evening and now they are starting to roll across the area right now. a very, very gloomy shot downtown. lots of rainfalling, the present hour, humidity up there at 87%. that southeasterly wind at six. pressure now starting to fall because that have storm system moving across of the area right now. high temperatures on this date, 1 degrees. impressive stat easton, 86 degrees. another mild day tomorrow. again still going be featuring scattered showers in the morning. 69 now, 68 easton. into the 60 ha and 70s and that
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will be the deal through the course of the overnight. heavy rain pocket that will go into tomorrow morning at 66 degrees when you wake up. lunchtime temperature with a -- mostly cloudy sky will be around 74. you will notice the peek or two of sun coming back into play from two right through the tail end of the afternoon. we will start out on the cloudy note with the sun will come back into play as we head in to the late day hours. the radar right now, you notice the heaviest rain lined up along the corridor right now. parts of perry hall, middle river, essex seeing steady rain as this pushes through. i'm sure route 40 a tough ride at the present moment. out toward the west another band starting to charge up. this is going to run along 70 and move into western sections of tony as we head in to the over night. at any point we could see the embedded thunderstorm. lot of lightning, lot of lightning to the north this is a cluster of storm that will roll into york.
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extreme northern carroll and baltimore. northern cecil could deal with lightning, you notice on the future scan, show the line. still in here from 1:30 right through the overnight and i do think this will still be around as you make your way out to work and to school in the morning. in terms of the severe thunderstorm watches, now been chipped to down toward the south. along the immediate coast -- shoreline, the southern mouth of the chesapeake. southern fiji county. i do think that is a severe levels are these storms trying to test the limits won't happen anymore. this is the stationary frontal boundary on top of us right now. we have this low, warm air to the south. cool air to the north and that will be the recipe for the showers and storms through the course of tonight. chicago is 56, compare that to memphis at 75, it's all about location and this front will start to sag more south allowing for dryer air to come into play and cooler air. the weekend is going to be
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looking better, this front will be more toward the south that. will bring the precipitation well down to the south of baltimore. a nice looking weekend. a blend of sun and clouds, maybe a spot shower as we go into sunday. forecast for the rest of the overnight. 64 degrees. showers and storms, a mild overnight and again tomorrow, right around 79 to 80 degrees. that's still above average. tons of shun and a possibility of a spot shower south and east of the city limits, the or owe game, 55 degrees, cooler under a partly cloudy sky, the seven day. 71 on saturday. let's back up. friday 79 degrees. saturday cooler at 71 degrees. i think it's a blend of sun and clouds, maybe some wet weather trying to come back in sunday night into monday but temperatures overall, over the weekend look good. monday looks good at 70, we will be back in to the 70s by next week. back at 43:00 with the update to the weather. >> thank you. > you probably watch rachel
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ray. now she wants you on the show as a host. she is looking for one viewer to host a show from their living room. just send in a video. you can do that online or through the mail. send it to the rachel ray show direct from your couch. we will have instructions online at abc more news coming up but first a look at night line. >> coming up, the people who screen your bags could be stealing it. we trace austin i-pad to a tsa officer's home. and his controversial film that reveals the less than lightened side of his famous dad. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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and those well grounded.
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for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
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. may have rescued them but this dallas area vet continues to get inspiration from her two dogs. moose and maverick were both born without front legs and left at animals services at just a few hours old. they ended up just as excited o they can sit, stand up, even jump and though maverick acts up sometimes, they both are do gooders at heart spending time with homeless children once a month. dogs and kittens living together. they aren't sure if she thinks
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it's another dog but this minnesota puppy is playing momma to a stray kitten. the dog takes care of the kitten they call mitten and is even nursing her. forget about the tale about dogs and cats. >> they look very happy together. >> i would be happy if the weather was nice. >> maybe the next ten hours things will be better. i think you will like the late afternoon. tomorrow morning, not going to be friendly. the radar, lightning, lot of lightning northern carroll. you can see a good bolt of lightening over dc, more lightning. the deal is better looking weather front into the tail end of friday, 79, cooler over the weekend, blend of sun and clouds, maybe a shower by sunday. wrapping up the 11 after this. ñqp@"
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. the ravens. 23-16. >> without put that one in our pocket. switch. >> have a good night. anncr: their dishonest ads are everywhere.
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a west virginia casino spending a fortune... to stop question seven. they don't want competition. the washington post wrote the casino behind the ads is...
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"most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland... taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland. vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven.


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